As If There Were No Tomorrow

The Saga of a Jailhouse Teacher

Tom Delaney

As If There Were No Tomorrow: The Saga of a Jailhouse Teacher

Learning gaps, cultural disparities, literacy deterrents and social disconnect are just a small sample of the challenges teachers face. Dr. Delaney’s unique experience as an educator in Georgia’s youth detention centers is the inspiration for No Tomorrow.

It is a sobering description of hard-nosed, adaptive classroom survival, spanning a period of more than four decades. Instead of offering eloquently worded theories, he describes tested strategies and workable learning activities. This brief anthology captures his passion for enlightening, entertaining, and inspiring fellow educators. It is virtually a guidebook for creating a classroom where no student feels left behind.

Also included is an attitude check. Teachers are invited to take the “test” to determine if their personal views and methods are promoting a congenial learning atmosphere or precipitating a classroom crisis.