As If There Were No Tomorrow

The Saga of a Jailhouse Teacher

Tom Delaney

As If There Were No Tomorrow: The Saga of a Jailhouse Teacher

Learning deficiencies, cultural disparities, environmental deterrents to learning—these are just a few of the challenges that teachers like Tom Delaney must address. Delaney has taught in various universities in Georgia but it was during his years as a middle and high school instructor in the state’s youth detention centers that he was able to gather an abundance of unique classroom experiences and insights.

In As If There Were No Tomorrow, Delaney shares his holistic and student-centered approach to teaching— one that has proven effective in the most hostile classrooms in the state of Georgia.

This volume is grounded on Delaney’s three decades of working as a classroom teacher, administrator and staff developer. It features his experiences, professional insights and, most importantly, programs that he and his colleagues have developed and implemented throughout their years of teaching.

Delaney replaced general theories with actual scenarios, tested strategies and learning activities. Also included is an “attitude self-check” that helps teachers determine if their personal views are promoting, impeding learning or even precipitating a crisis. Here is a guidebook that teachers can use to create an academic atmosphere where no student needs to feel left behind.